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Our Business

Recove Group Sdn Bhd specialises in a wide range of industries, including engineering, project management and consultation. However, our core expertise lies in the medical and healthcare industries, where we have pioneered breakthrough products such as NEORUBIN® non-invasive & high accuracy Jaundice Meter for newborns and young babies.

Our Core Pillars

Design and Innovation

Our capability is to turn proof of concept medical device products into industrial compliance medical device products. This includes but not limited to design and innovation of simplification of circuitry, ergonomic design, material selection according to medical and healthcare standards and manufacturing technology friendly.


Our capability is to develop workable prototyping which will comply with medical device regulatory and technical conformity.


Certification is a crucial part for medical device and healthcare industries. The certified product will prove the medical device having high reliability, safety measure and quality.


When it comes to manufacturing, people always talk about big scale of quantity. However, we understand that not all things need to be so especially when we deal with new medical device technology that is in market penetration stage. Hence, we do offer as low as 100 MOQ before we enter to the next stage in manufacturing (big scale quantity).


This includes branding positioning, intellectual property protection, product regulatory registration which are crucial for the new medical device to enter the market.

 We invented a High-Tech Medical Device:

NEORUBIN®  (Non-Invasive Jaundice Meter)

Precise Results Made Easy

A cutting-edge medical innovation developed exclusively by Recove Group, NEORUBIN® removes the hassle and pain from traditional jaundice testing. Specially designed for the convenience of medical experts and comfort of users, NEORUBIN® offers a remarkable accuracy of over 90% within 3 seconds – all in one compact and non-invasive kit!


  • High Accuracy
  • Painless
  • Easy To Use
  • Fast Result
  • Waterproof Pouch with Hook
  • Wireless Printer Included

For more info, please visit: www.neorubin.com